The Kinly Story

  • January 2016


    The Kinly dev team enrolls at Bitmaker; a tech accelerator located in the heart of Toronto. Coming from diverse backgrounds in graphic design, engineering, business, and more, the team decides to sign up for a hackathon over sushi.

  • February 2016

    Hacking Health Hamilton

    The Kinly team attends Hacking Health Hamilton. After picking up a healthcare professional (and an intense 36 hours), Kinly performs a live demonstration with a working prototype. Kinly wins top prize and best business.

  • April 2016

    Preacceleration and Validation

    As part of the prize for winning Hacking Health Hamilton, Kinly receives mentorship and support services from Cossette Health and Innovation Factory. The Kinly team performs market intelligence research and product validations.

  • April 2016


    Kinly members Frances and Ariel present the product and team as part of an expert panel on entrepreneurship in healthcare technologies at the Apps4Health 2016 conference.

  • September 2016


    Kinly officially incorporates to enter a new phase of development.

  • Today

    Technical Development

    The Kinly team is working on building Kinly into a fully functional product that provides an exceptional user experience for both the family and their elderly loved ones.