Why pay for a social media service?

  • It’s economical in more ways than one. Kinly works with any television and remote, letting your elderly loved ones stay engaged with technology they've been comfortable with for years. Compared to the Canadian family average of $2400 spent on communication services in 2015, Kinly represents just 1.5%. Kinly saves you the cost and frustration of trying to teach your elderly loved ones how to use a new tablet or computer.

What if my grandma already has an Apple TV or Google Chromecast?

  • Kinly’s target audience is an estimated 622,000 of 1.6 million Ontario seniors that have a physical or mental health complication that makes it difficult to learn to use new technologies (such as Apple TV or Chromecast).

What stage are you at now?

  • Kinly has a proof of concept MVP and is currently being developed in preparation for a pilot. Kinly’s next phase will be based on our extensive product validation completed with seniors and their family members from different demographics (with varying degrees of isolation, socioeconomic status, and “tech-saviness”). By the end of 2017 Kinly will be ready to launch an alpha phase (~6 weeks) with a select group of users.

Are you incorporated?

  • Yes! Kinly Inc. is incorporated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.