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Staying connected with family has never been so simple.

While technology helps us stay connected, bringing elderly loved ones into our digital lives remains challenging. ‚ÄčOur team is working to bridge the communications divide between generations by addressing the barriers presented by technology. Kinly eliminates the need for seniors to use unfamiliar devices to engage with digital content. Our web app and set-top device allows families to share text, photos, and videos from their favourite social media platforms directly to the television sets of their elderly loved ones. By 2020, we aim to bring 1 million Canadian families closer together and reduce the incidence of social isolation within the senior population.


Setup is quick and easy. Our intuitive interface ensures your loved one is never the last to see content from weddings, graduations, and other cherished memories.


Regardless of distance, Kinly allows you to upload text, pictures, and videos from your favourite social media platforms on both web and mobile.

Low Cost

Requiring only an internet connection and a television set, the cost required to start using Kinly is comparable to other online services.

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